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Welcome AMEYA BIRADAVOLU Full time Case Manager and Food Program Director.


Welcome AMEYA BIRADAVOLU Full time Case Manager and Food Program Director.

Edafe Okporo

Hi All,

A message from her,

Founded in 1982, E.W. Food Programs is a direct service that offers guidance during periods on. individual hardship and neighborhood instability. We offer the access, education and opportunity to develop a healthy diet, and thus lead a fulfilling lifestyle. Through community based women of color leadership, we establish a meaningful impact with each individual that travels through our programs. Each month we serve approximately 1640 individuals and 4040 nutritious meals. Through our Monday Client Choice-Food Pantry, we serve an average 3 meals to 400 households with about 3 people per household. Through our Friday Hot Meal-Movie Night, we serve 1 hot meal meal to 200 individuals. And through out Saturday Outreach-Mobile Soup Kitchen we serve 1 meal to approximately 240 individuals.

As the part-time director this past fiscal year, and now recently transitioned full-time director, I am ecstatic to delve even deeper with E.W. Food Programs, including guiding this work as we reach new milestones in programming, community building, and fundraising. As a small organization, with limited capacity, developing a sustainable and thriving program has always been nothing short of a difficult task but in the last year, we received much needed new refrigeration equipment, a new computer/database, and even improved on our programmatic operations. This year, I am not only excited to report on unprecedented success, which I might add is 100% attributed to due to the work of a committed, compassionate, and hardworking community of staff, volunteers, and financial supporters, but also grateful to be a such a tremendous team as we continue to expand and deepen our service model.